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Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation


As much as 25% of heat can be lost through the roof of a house that doesn’t contain any loft insulation. By insulating the loft space, the temperature throughout the building will stabilise as well as reducing fuel bills and reducing the carbon footprint of the property.

Karnheath Ltd installs two approved products Knauf and Isover to the minimum building regulation standard of 270mm providing you have approximately 4″ or less of existing insulation. The quilt is packaged in widths to accommodate most loft and joist spaces.

Boarded Lofts

If your loft is boarded, there are various options that will allow you to have the space insulated.

Option 1: You can have the insulation laid over the top of the boards if you don’t plan to use your loft for storage.

Option 2: If your loft is only partly boarded, i.e. 30% or less we can leave a 1/3rd for storage and simply insulate around the boarded area

Option 3: Have the boards lifted, lay the insulation and if you want to re-floor the loft, simply raise the floor to accommodate the new insulation with easy to use and cost effective tools such as loft legs.

Key Benefits

  • Free to those in receipt of a qualifying benefit under the new ECO scheme
  • High thermal insulation value
  • Rot proof
  • Excellent sound reduction
  • Will not sustain vermin
  • Quick to install with minimal interruption to your home
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