Cavity Wall Extraction

Sometimes it is necessary to remove defective insulation within the cavity. Using specialist equipment, Karnheath is able to extract the insulation from any property with minimal impact on the building or it’s occupants.

What Insulation Can Be Removed?

How Is It Removed?

A selection of bricks are removed to allow for compressed air to be blown into the cavity whilst a specialist vacuum collects the waste from the bottom. All waste is bagged and disposed of safely from site. 

Once all the material is extracted, bricks are replaced and any necessary remedial works carried out to ensure the building is left in the same condition it was found.

How Long Does It Take?

Based on an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house, it can take up to 2 working days for a 2-man team to extract all the existing material.

Why Remove The Insulation?

Due to the UK’s damp climate, occasional high winds and frosty weather conditions, water can enter through gaps in the brickwork and pointing. Once the insulation becomes wet in the cavity, it is almost impossible for it to dry out causing damp spots on the internal walls or salt deposits on the surface of the brickwork.

Here are a few common examples of why insulation may need to be removed:

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How Much Does It Cost?

In order to provide a quotation, we would need to send a surveyor to assess the amount of defective material. If you have a cavity insulation guarantee, it may be worth contacting the guarantee provider to see if you’re covered for any of the above causes.

Surveys are free of charge and no obligation: