Loft Insulation

Are you interested in loft insulation or want to understand more about it?
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Loft Insulation

Up to 25% of heat can be lost through the roof of a house that doesn’t contain any loft insulation. By insulating the loft space, the temperature throughout the building will stabilise as well as reducing fuel bills and the building’s carbon footprint.


Save up to £250 per year

Average utility bill savings on a detached house with a gas boiler can be up to £250 per year.

Figures are based on fuel prices as of April 2019. (Energy Savings Trust)

The current building regulation standard is 270mm thick. Whilst you may have some insulation in the loft, you may not have the correct amount, to check your current thickness you can click here to view your Energy Performance Certificate which will show the last recorded depth on page 2.

Free, no obligations surveys.

If you are unsure of what insulation you have existing or would just like it checked you can arrange a free survey with ourselves here

We offer a variety of loft quilt products in varying thicknesses to suit your requirements. The quilt is packaged in widths to accommodate most loft and joist spaces. If your loft space is difficult to access, we can arrange for the insulation to be blown in.